Eurowave treatments in Calgary Alberta

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Eurowave Pro

"The results from the Eurowave Pro amaze me every day." -Kristen, Owner, Why Weight

The Eurowave Pro treatment provides a (money-back) guaranteed loss of 1-3 inches after a single 18-minute session. After a few sessions, most people are down a dress or pants size, and can continue getting smaller and smaller. The treatment, using painless faradic waves, actively works out muscles in the targeted area much like you would at the gym. A single tummy treatment is equivalent to about 200 perfectly executed sit-ups without any of the muscle soreness.

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Universal Contour Wrap

The perfect way to look and feel your best before that big vacation or special occasion! The Universal Contour Wrap is the inch loss treatment that guarantees a loss of AT LEAST 6 inches for a MINIMUM of 30 days, with a money-back guarantee. The wrap eliminates toxins from your body, takes off inches, and exfoliates the skin. That means after just a single 2-hour treatment, you'll leave Why Weight confident you're looking your absolute best!

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Universal Contour Wrap in Calgary Alberta

Introductory price - Single Wrap $199 (reg. $269) +gst

Introductory price - 3 Wrap Treatments $499 (reg. $670) +gst

lose inches guaranteed

Incredible Inch Loss

When you want FASTER or IMPROVED results, consider our Incredible Inch Loss program, which combines the Universal Contour Wrap and the Eurowave Pro. Because the two systems achieve their results in completely different ways, we are able to deliver even better guaranteed results to clients who combine both of these treatments into an optimized inch loss plan.

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Full Body Transformation

When it's time to TRANSFORM YOURSELF -- then it's time for our Full Body Transformation. Lose fat, unwanted inches, shrink stubborn inches and let's get you wearing those favourite pants or dresses again. We've seen staggering results in just 6 weeks from clients opting for the Full Body Transformation plan.

One client lost 22 inches and 21 pounds in just over 5 weeks leading up to her daughter's wedding. We use 6 measurements -- that's almost 4 inches or TWO CLOTHING SIZES off her ENTIRE BOY.

Another would-be bride had to quit our program early because her dress (already bought and paid for, of course) was about to be so big it wouldn't stay on!

You can be next! Why Weight?

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full body transformation