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About Why Weight

Why Weight is committed to providing its clients with programs, products, and treatments that WORK, healthy foods that taste GOOD, and visible results you can be PROUD to show off.

Kristen, owner of Why Weight, has worked in the weight loss industry for years, having coached a number of programs and protocols. She says one of the biggest obstacles people face is just walking in the door, "It's nerve-wracking that first time. The last thing you want is someone who has never dealt with their own weight trying to tell you how you should feel." Fortunately, that won't happen at Why Weight.

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Kristen herself has dealt with weight issues of her own, partly worsened by chronic pain and medication. As a result, she's learned a great deal about nutrition, how the body responds to various approaches to food and weight loss, and is now committed to helping clients learn a new approach to eating with an eye on long-term weight stability.

"People get sick of the yo-yo diet. We try to break them out of that here, and get them thinking about food choices a little differently so they only have to do our program once," she says. "Some of those low-calorie programs out there are so restrictive that people get used to thinking of food as this evil thing. Then when they're done the program, they go right back to eating like before."

Many studies show that yo-yo dieting (losing and regaining weight) carries its own negative health impacts, "I like to keep an eye on visceral fat, for instance, as that's a very important indicator of health." Visceral fat is the internal fat around the body's organs, which often accumulates faster when people are regaining weight following a diet. "It's one of the many reasons to find an approach with long-term results like ours," she says.

The clinic focuses on a low-carb approach to eating, and carries dozens of options typically not considered low-carb at all, such as bread, pasta, crackers, chips, desserts, and even tortillas. "We know now that low-calorie, low-fat approaches to weight loss aren't the answer. Our clients achieve weight loss through balancing nutrition and keeping an eye on their sugar and carbohydrate intake."

"The results from the Eurowave Pro amaze me every day. Adding that to our clinic has been one of my favourite new additions. But I also really think very highly of FIRMA Energywear, which has helped a lot of people with loose skin, cellulite, joint pain, and things like that. It's also been helping menopausal women deal better with hot flashes, which was very cool to learn!"

In addition to FIRMA and the Eurowave Pro, Why Weight also offers the Universal Contour Wrap inch loss treatment, which has been a big hit as well. "I always get one before I go on a trip. It just does such a nice job tightening everything up and makes me feel better about being in a bathing suit," says one of their clients, following a treatment.

Why Weight is located in Soma Spa in South Calgary (Seton) at 3710 Market St SE.