Our Program:

Clients who closely follow our program for 6 weeks routinely achieve a loss of 20 pounds -- sometimes more -- all while enjoying fruit, cheese, tasty snacks, whole food, and even the occasional glass of wine.

At Why Weight, our focus is helping clients achieve weight maintenance, and to break that unhealthy yo-yo dieting cycle. Our GOAL is to help you once, not have you coming back every October, or January for your 'annual diet' -- but rather to help you get to your goal weight JUST ONE MORE TIME and stay there. Because your success will be VISIBLE, we just want you to answer "Why Weight!" when your friends, family, and co-workers ask you, "How'd you do that?!"

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Feel Energized and Motivated

Eating a low-carb diet puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis (which means you're burning fat for energy instead of sugar). Being in this state causes a number of helpful physiological changes in your body which include a reduction in food cravings, an increase in energy, a reduction in inflammation, and a general feeling of well-being. In short, our clients often say things like, "I've never felt better."

We combine our simple-prep, delicious products with healthy, whole foods from the grocery store to achieve a sustainable approach to eating that makes sense.

Actually, You Don’t Need Carbs

This is one of the biggest misconceptions we've seen out there. The fact is, if you never ingested another grain of sugar, you'd be just fine. Low-fat, calorie-restrictive diets have become more and more popular while society has only gotten fatter. The reason is that fat is not the enemy. Sugar is the enemy.

The truth is the human body evolved and thrived, over the course of millions of years, subsisting on the calories from fat. People lived in the metabolic state of ketosis, burning fat for energy. Carbs were a treat, not a staple. From nuts, from animals, and from their own fat stores, fat was the primary energy source for the human body for nearly all of human history. It's a common fact that a single gram of fat yields about 9 calories while carbs and protein yield about 4 calories. Fat is simply more efficient fuel for your body.

It's easy to see where the idea that FAT IS BAD came from: I want less fat on my body, so I'll eat less fat. But farmers have known something different for a long time: feed their animals grain and keep them from running around too much and you get a nice fat herd. That same principle applies to people.

Individualized Programming


Guess what? We aren't all the same. Not every day looks the same, either. From your first day on program at Why Weight, your coach will help you build a strategy for YOUR BODY.

Are you sedentary, active, or in between? Are you hungriest in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening? What food is going to be your biggest challenge to give up for a few weeks? Are you a man or a woman? Guess what -- every client has different needs.

Your coach will help build a program for you that takes all of this into account in order to get you the results you're after.

No More Excuses

Ahh, excuses. The downfall of nearly every failed diet in history. We've done our best to help by offering a program that really helps to eliminate some of those nasty excuses.

  • PRICE: Our cost is reasonable. We aren't selling you a lot of extra products, clients simply buy a chunk of their groceries here instead of the supermarket (and many clients have commented it's often CHEAPER than being a coffee-shop or drive-thru regular)
  • TIME: You aren't too busy for this; most of the foods take less than 60 seconds to prepare.It's a perfect program for busy, 'on-the-go' types
  • FLAVOUR:  the food is delicious. Why Weight carries over 100 low-carb food options including chips, crackers, chocolate bars, cookies, cereals, pastas, breads, syrups & drink mixes, and more
  • CONVENIENCE: We'll arrange delivery or even accommodate off-hours appointments in case that's your reason NOT to sign up.
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Medically Supervised

Why Weight prides itself on being one of the few structured diet programs available to people struggling with a number of medical conditions. Because we aren't dealing with medications, injections, or hyper low-calorie meal plans, our weight loss program is adaptable to almost anyone.

In order to safely achieve this, our program is supervised by a team of medical professionals comprised of a doctor, pharmacist, registered nurse, and naturopath. We have experience dealing with clients with diabetes, metabolic issues, heart conditions, blood pressure problems, and a whole host of others which would often disqualify clients from other programs. We are able to do this because of our expertise, and because our program utilizes real food and nutrition in order to achieve our great results.